Basement Bootleggers logo by Woodward Fine Cannabis

The original basement bootleggers

We are a passionate group of cultivators with a simple mission: Grow nothing but the finest cannabis.

From the early days in the basements of Ohio, to the warehouses of LA, and back again, we specialize in pheno-hunting exotic genetics. We’re talking about cannabis bred specifically for effect. From the tastiest daytime pleasure smokes to the super-sedative couch lock strains. And everything in between.

Now we have a network across Ohio, California, and Oregon of the best growers, breeders, and operators in the game. Which lets us snag the most coveted cuts and unique seeds and bring them home to you. Each strain is carefully cultivated, expertly cured, and hand-trimmed to bring the best of each genetic line to market. So even if you may have seen that strain before, you haven’t experienced it until you try the Woodward version.

So join us on the hunt for better weed.